Grandma’s Pig Trotter Rice serves up quality bowls of pig trotters at Fernvale

If you fancy having pig innards and pig trotter rice, you’re immediately classified to have “old-school taste”. There’s nothing wrong about that though— it is just rare to find a community that enjoys such profound delicacies. If you’re part of this small community, stay tuned for good news as I share about a new discovery.

As it states, Grandma’s Pig Trotter Rice specialises in pig’s trotters. Relatively new to the scene, the stall is only a few months old at Fernvale Riverwalk, Block 417. Just a stone’s throw away from Seletar Mall and Fernvale Hawker Centre, Sengkang is becoming an up-and-rising location for great food. (Psst… watch our guide on Food Finders to find out where the best places to dine are!)

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You can find Grandma’s Pig Trotter Rice at the Huolala Mala Specialist stall with their signage in bright colours of yellow, red, and white. The food joint is co-branded with several other affiliated brands like Huo La La Spicy Pot, Mala Collections, and Ah Xin Malatang, so if you’re feeling something spicy on that day, you know that there’s a list of options for you here. They also have outlets in Chinatown and Upper Thomson.

Pig trotter rice originated from Longjiang Town, dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Ever since then, the people who fell in love with its taste were the rare few ones that opened stalls selling pig trotter rice. Grandma’s Pig Trotter is one of the few in the scarce population.

The stall originated from Sarawak, Kuching, and have now opened in Singapore as well.

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Their signature is obviously a bowl of Grandma’s Pig Trotter Rice (S$7.90) (maybe made by ah ma herself, who knows?). It consists of golden pork coins, tender pork leg chunks, a braised egg and preserved vegetables and xiao bai cai. For the price, that’s a lot of ingredients.

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If you’re here with companions, opt for the Braised Platter. For S$13.70, you’ll be having a platter of pig trotters, pig skin, braised eggs and preserved vegetables. This can be shared between 2 to 3 people.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? If it does, try it out to see if its comparable with the other renown brands that serve up this unique dish! I know Shi Nian does a good one…

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