Graceland Visitor Causes Outraged After "Disrespectful" Act During Visit

Graceland Visitor Causes Outraged After "Disrespectful" Act During Visit

Graceland welcomes millions of visitors annually. While many who make the pilgrimage to Elvis Presley's iconic Memphis, Tennessee, home to pay respect to The King are happy to abide by the site's rules, there are outliers. One such individual is going viral on TikTok for jumping into the pool and being escorted off of the property. The action, which took place in an area that was clearly marked as restricted, has made many Elvis Presley fans furious.

The video was taken by the jumper's wife, who posted the video to TikTok in early July 2023 along with the song "All Shook Up" by Elvis Presley playing. During the video, the husband can be seen going over the pool fence, walking to the diving board, and jumping into the water. A security guard can be spotted running over to the area as it happens.

One comment on the video with 22.6k likes reads: "How is this funny? People are so disrespectful and I hope he got arrested."

The wife responded to that criticism with another video explaining how the couple thinks it's not disrespectful to jump into a pool because they believe that's what pools are for. "Elvis caught someone jumping in his pool once, and he never stopped them," the TikTok user claimed.

They went on to reveal that they weren't banned from Graceland. "By the way, we love Elvis," they added.

The wife posted a second video that shows the husband getting out of the pool and being removed from the property. Fans who didn't approve of the behavior chimed in, stating how rude they were being. One asked, "Why are people so entitled though?

Another asked, "What part of restricted area do y'all not understand?"

Some people said they'd be so embarrassed if their husband did that, while others stated that the pool is for museum use and not for swimming. "It’s pretty much a memorial," another added. "It is disrespectful."

While the scenario made a lot of people angry, it also got a lot of laughs. A few people joked that the trespasser "baptized himself in rock 'n' roll." Others called it "brag-worthy" and a bucket list item. Fans also seemed to think Elvis wouldn't be troubled by the visitor taking the plunge. "It's not like Elvis is using the pool," one person added.

The whole situation begs the question that often comes up these days: Would the jumper have done it if he wasn't being filmed? Let's just hope the event doesn't lead to the installation of a tall fence that hides the pool from law-abiding onlookers.

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