Grace Chan embraces changes to her body

11 Jan – Just like most expecting mothers, Grace Chan admitted that she too experienced many changes throughout her pregnancy.

The actress, who spoke to Mingpao at the launch of a restaurant recently, shared that she is just excited to see her baby growing bigger and bigger in her.

"It is amazing to see your body changing. I am very happy to see that the baby is growing up healthily," she enthused.

Grace stated that while she doesn't eat more than what she is used to, her eating habit has also changed.

"I would eat smaller portions, and I would eat early in the morning," she said.

She admitted that her taste has also changed. While she used to love western food, Grace now prefer Chinese meals.

"I particularly love noodle soup and fried food. Although I know eating too much fried food is not good for you, for now I will just eat whatever I want," she said.

When asked about husband Kevin Cheng's attitude since the pregnancy, Grace revealed that her husband is now more gentle and considerate than before.

"He called me before I came here. He would always be rubbing my tummy and talk to the baby," she said.

(Photo Source: Grace Chan Instagram)