Grace Chan doesn't see issue with showing off baby on social media

29 Jan – While some celebrities are more private when it comes to their children, Grace Chan stated that she has no qualms sharing photos of son Rafael on social media.

The actress, who sat down with Mingpao recently, shared that she and husband Kevin Cheng originally resisted sharing photos of their son online, as they wanted Rafael to have an ordinary childhood just like any other children.

"But after much discussion, we thought that the more protected they are, the more they would feel different than other children. I want him to know that just like normal parents, we also share his pictures and treat him like any other kid," she said.

Asked if she will continue to focus on family life or return to showbiz this year, Grace said that she once thought she would resume work as soon as she gave birth to her child.

"But the more time I spent with my baby, the more unwilling I am to part with him. I hope to keep him company for now, and only work part-time," she said.

However, Grace admitted that she still loves acting and would love to be back sometime in the future.

(Photo Source: Grace Chan Instagram)