Grace Chan admits to have battled depression in the past

28 Feb – TVB actress Grace Chan recently opened up for the first time about battling depression on the travel show, "Walking With You".

As reported on HK01, in the recent episode of the said programme, the show's cast - Grace Chan, Samantha Ko, Sharon Chan, and Mat Yeung sat down and had a chat while drinking wine at the beach.

While discussing the past, Grace shared that she had a minor depression in the second year of college in Canada due to some emotional issues that she found hard to recover from.

Grace stated that despite her struggles, she decided not to reveal her situation to her parents as they were returning to Hong Kong to live with her grandmother.

However, looking back, the actress - who is a mother herself now - admitted that she now understood what her mother would have felt not being told of her situation - adding that she hopes that her son would be able to share things with her in the future rather than do what she had done in the past.

When contacted by the media about the said episode, Grace declined to share more about the reason for her past struggle, saying that it brought about unpleasant memories.

(Photo Source: Hk01)