‘Gourmet’ food trucks now a weekend fixture in Makati

Yahoo! SHE staff
Chef Broosy (Photo by JB Eudela)

Most Filipinos are used to enjoying gourmet food or fusion cuisine inside fancy and sometimes froufrou restaurants.  The bill can be astronomical—and that doesn’t include the tip.

Now, thanks to food trucks, people can enjoy their favorite beef tapa, artisanal gelato or kani salad right in a busy corner of the metro. But make no mistake, most of the dishes sold in today’s food trucks are concocted by chefs and their quality rivals that of the most famous restaurants.

Recipes from restaurant chefs

Jinggay Viray, co-owner of Chef Broosy food truck, mentions the advantages and disadvantages in this line of business. “I can go anywhere. I can take events like marathons and sports fests,” she says. “The disadvantage is that the kitchen is very limited. I don’t have much space for everything.”

Chef Broosy is currently part of the food truck bazaar in Makati City called Cucina Andare, which operates every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. at the Glorietta 3 Park. Here, diners can try out various gourmet dishes at really affordable prices. Chef Broosy, for example, offers Asian fusion cuisine with recipes from Chef Bruce “Broosy” Ricketts of Sensei restaurant.

Ramen from scratch

Some of their bestsellers are spicy ramen, tonkatsu and sisig tacos. “For the ramen, we make everything from scratch, even the noodles. We also do our own broth and the pork that we put in, we call it pulled pork. We roast it in the oven for six hours until it is very tender,” Viray says.

These meticulous preparations result in a miso-based ramen with very earthy flavors and just the right spicy kick.

Winner: sisig soft taco

Still, Chef Broosy’s biggest win is their sisig soft taco. The surprising crispiness of the sisig complements the delectable tortilla wrap. The veggie garnishing and the tangy dressing are nice touches, making this satisfying dish a perfect example of Asian fusion.

Currently, there may not be many food trucks in the Philippines. But as this fad heats up, people should not be surprised to see more of these “restaurants on wheels” plying the streets.(Text written by Jason Domantay, Yahoo! Southeast Asia)

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