GOP Primary Voters Explain Why They Ditched Trump for Haley: ‘Voice of Reason Not the Voice of Treason’ | Video

Super Tuesday is upon us. Voters in 15 states turned out to cast ballots in the Democrat primary, where President Biden is the presumptive candidate, and in the Republican primary, where Donald Trump is expected to triumph over GOP rival Nikki Haley. While Trump has come out ahead of Haley nearly across the board, a small but outspoken number of voters have left his camp for his rival.

As one woman told MSNBC’s Shaq Brewster, she voted for Haley because she is “The voice of reason, not the voice of treason.” Another woman put it more bluntly, “The man is a lunatic.”

In another clip, a woman in Virginia said, “I’m hoping somehow it works out that Nikki gets the nomination.”

Brewster spoke directly about what the conversations he’s had with disillusioned Republicans who aren’t sure what to do if Trump becomes the party’s nominee. He explained, “The people building Nikki Haley’s support, it’s a range of people, it’s a coalition of voters.”

“Some of them are people who voted for Joe Biden in 2020,” he continued, “who were either turned off by Donald Trump but considered themselves Republicans and see Nikki Haley as a conduit for that energy. Others are traditional Republicans who just like Nikki Haley and will go back to Donald Trump if they need to in the general election.”

As for what happens to these voters, Brewster admitted that “it really depends on how they’re entering that base of support for Nikki Haley.”

Brewster also asked voters what choice they will make if the 2024 election is between President Biden and Donald Trump. In one clip, he asked a woman named Monica, “What made you switch from Trump to Nikki Haley?”

“The man is a lunatic. And I think he’s terrible for the country,” she explained. Brewster asked what she was thinking as she said those words, and the woman answered, “Just that he lies, he cheats. He bankrupted millions of businesses and people. And I don’t see anything good about him.”

But when asked if she would support Biden over Trump, the woman was clear: “No.”

Ultimately, Brewster concluded that “a lot” of Haley supporters will “likely go back into the fold” and “will most likely go back to the Republican candidate and vote for Donald Trump.”

Watch the interviews in the video above.

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