Google's Search Labs lets you test its AI-powered 'products and ideas'

It has AI powered search, code tips and more.


It's fair to say that Google was caught flat-footed by Microsoft's launch of Bing search powered by ChatGPT, as it didn't have anything similar when it unveiled its own conversational AI, Bard. Now, Google has announced Search Labs, a new way for consumers to test "bold new ideas and ideas we're exploring" in search, the company said at its I/O 2023 keynote.

There are three key features available for a limited time. The first is called Search Generative Experience (SGE), bringing generative AI directly into Google Search. "The new Search experience helps you quickly find and make sense of information," Google's Direct of Search wrote. "As you search, you can get the gist of a topic with AI-powered overviews, pointers to explore more, and ways to naturally follow up."

Google's Search Labs let you test its AI powered 'products and ideas'
Google's Search Labs let you test its AI powered 'products and ideas' (Google)

Also available from the Search prompt are Code Tips, that use large language models to provide snippets and "pointers for writing code faster and smarter," according to Google. You can get reponses about languages including Java, Go, Python, Javascript, C++, Kotlin, shell, Docker and Git.

Finally, "Add to Sheets" lets you insert search results directly into a spreadsheet. For example, if you're planning a vacation on a Sheets document, you can easily add a link straight from Google Search.

Google's Bard could potentially improve all of Google's products ranging from Maps to Drive. Search, however, is the company's core function and principal moneymaker, and was one of the first things it mentioned when announcing Bard. To that end, it will be interesting to see how it compares with what Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing can do.

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