Google's Nest Hub Max officially goes on sale

Google's Nest Hub Max launches September 9

Google's newest and largest smart home display hits the market Monday.

Back in May, Google announced that all Home brand products will be brought under the Nest name. Along with this statement, the company introduced the world to the newest member of the product range: the Nest Hub Max. Just a couple months later, Google confirmed that this smart display -- the company's biggest one yet -- will officially launch Monday.

The Nest Hub Max, in essence, is a larger version of the Nest Hub, a device previously known as the Home Hub. It functions as a digital photo frame, a home security tool (thanks to an integrated Nest smart camera), a family member communications dashboard, a voice assistant, and a connected home device among other things.

With the HD touch display measuring in at 10-inches, the device becomes "the kitchen TV you've always wanted" -- though you need a subscription to benefit from this feature. Equipped with a rear-facing woofer, owners will be able to enjoy full stereo sound.

The smart camera lets users check in on their home while away by sending a live feed video of the device's location directly to their smartphone in addition to connecting users with family and friends via the company's in-house video calling platform Google Duo. Furthermore, the camera understands gesture controls: by looking at the device and raising a hand, the Nest Hub Max will automatically pause media.

Because the device was designed for home use, every member of the family can have their own profile. With facial and vocal recognition technology, the Nest Hub Max can automatically recognize individuals and provide them with a unique experience.

Starting Monday, the Nest Hub Max officially begins its market rollout. In the US, the device will go for $229, in the UK for £219, and in Australia for AUS$349.