Google Lens can now connect users with Uncle Ben's recipes

Innit has partnered with Uncle Ben's to create a new type of digital experience for the Google Lens bringing shoppers ingredients lists, nutrition advice, and recipe instructions when they point their phone at Ready Rice.

Thanks to a collaboration with Uncle Ben's and connected food platform Innit, the image recognition technology Google Lens can now offer users a collection of digital information about all the Mars Food brand's offerings including their trademark Ready Rice. 

Instead of simply identifying the product when a user points their smartphone camera at it, the Google Lens will now prompt information like ingredient lists, nutrition advice, and instructional cooking videos.

This is just the latest collaboration between Google Lens and third-party companies to offer their particular audience an experience beyond just object identification. Pointing a smartphone with Google Lens enabled at art in select museums will bring up information cards about the piece and its author; likewise, putting NBA logos within the viewfinder during a game will present users with the current score.

Throughout September, Uncle Ben's packaging will be labeled with a sticker inviting users in the US to try the new Google Lens feature.