Google has the answer: How 65% of searches result in zero clicks

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The majority of Google searches result in no clicks at all.

Almost two thirds of Google searches result in zero clicks, usually for the simple reason that the search engine's results page holds the answers to many user queries.

In 65% of cases, Google searches result in no clicks at all. This is particularly glaring on mobile devices, where less than 23% of searches lead to a click on one of the links proposed by Google.

This can be explained by the fact that Google now has the answer to virtually everything -- or so it seems -- whether it's the weather forecast, the definition of a word or an expression, a currency conversion or a translation. And when it comes to general knowledge, answers are often displayed in a dedicated Wikipedia box at the top of the search results page. So for users, it's now become a reflex to ask Google the answer to any question at all.

It also means that being ranked highly in Google search results is no guarantee of strong web traffic, especially if the title and description of a page already answer users' questions.

This data was compiled by SimilarWeb and processed by SparkToro, from a panel of over 100 million users worldwide.

David Bénard