Good News! Google Launches A New Supervised Experience On YouTube For Older Kids

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To ensure your kids explore the web safely and that content is age-appropriate, Google has announced that YouTube will provide a new supervised experience.

If you recall, in their efforts of creating a safe browsing space for children, they previously launched YouTube Kids. In fact, they even made improvements with the app’s age restrictions. But, despite its success among younger viewers, parents felt that more mature tweens and teens’ needs weren’t fully met.

Which is why Google has now lunched a new feature that will allow them to learn, create, and connect safely through a supervised account

Supervised Experience On Youtube For Tweens And Teens

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With this new launch, YouTube has managed to create a safe-zone, where children’s needs are met. They can now independently choose safe content to watch. Interestingly, YouTube was able to do this, thanks to parents and experts who shared their concerns and opinions on areas regarding child safety, child development, and digital literacy.

One of the experts Google consulted with throughout the process was Professor Sun Sun Lim from the Singapore University of Technology & Design.

“YouTube takes very seriously the responsibility of fostering an enriching media environment for children and delivering quality content that is edifying for kids. They seek expert advice to translate the latest research on children and the media into tangible improvements in their products and services that better cater to the needs of kids and parents,” shared Prof Lim about the launch.

In the coming months, YouTube will launch the beta version of the product in over 80 countries. This will allow older children to access YouTube through a supervised Google Account that comes with new content settings and limited features.

New Features And Content Options


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This new supervised experience will allow parents to choose between three content settings.

  • Explore: This setting will provide a broad range of videos that are suited for viewers aged 9 years and above. These videos will include vlogs, tutorials, gaming videos, music clips, news, educational content and more.

  • Explore more: For viewers aged 13 and above, content will include videos and live streams that are in the same categories of Explore.

  • Most of YouTube: This setting will include almost all videos on YouTube, except age-restricted content.

You’ll also find new features for a safer family-viewing experience.

  • Parents will now have the ability to manage, watch, and search history of their child’s account settings.

  • With controls provided by Google’s Family Link, parents can also use screen timers.

  • Certain categories of ads and personalised ads will not be shown within the supervised accounts.

  • In-app purchases will also be disabled.

  • Features such as creation and comments will be disabled for the meantime.

Talking about the recent launch, the YouTube team shared, “Over the long term, we hope this will provide a safer environment for older children to explore their interests, learn new skills, connect with communities that share their passions, while giving parents more ways to support their kids’ online experience.”

Why Younger Kids Should Still Use YouTube Kids


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Thankfully, though this new launch will not overlap YouTube Kids. While the new launch caters to the needs of older children, younger kids can still use YouTube Kids safely.

Although, parental supervision is still recommended, you can now rest easy knowing that even your older kids will only be exposed to age-appropriate content online.


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