Gong Xi Fat Cai! How to dress your home in the year’s lucky colors

This year, the lunar New Year falls on Sunday, Feb. 10.
It ushers in the Year of the Water Snake, which hinges on the feng shui element of water.
Adding elements, colors and décor to your home that represent water are said to bring good luck and fortune for the next 12 months.
Where to use the lucky colors
In feng shui, water corresponds to the colors blue and black and typically placed in the north areas of the home to help enhance your career, in the east for good health and harmony in the family, and in the southeast to keep wealth and money pouring in.
In feng shui, different parts of the home—north, south, east and west—are all related to specific energies in your life. Practicing this ancient art allows you to use the elements (metal, water, earth, fire, wood) to balance your energies, tame certain aspects of your life and highlight or enhance others.
While introducing blue and black to the north, east and southeast areas of your home is favorable, adding the colors of water to the south area—mostly associated with your fire energy—will be destructive. Water kills fire and can potentially put out the fuel and flame in your life as well.
Kinds of blue
For the feng shui decorator, blue and black may be considered guideline colors.
You can experiment with shades like turquoise and aquamarine, for example, as they evoke images of the sea. Consider playing with a palette of blue-toned ombré, or shades that toe the line between deep sea greens and rich jewel-toned blues.
Cover your bed in a blue comforter or bedspread. Introduce the theme into your bath with fluffy blue-green towels. Dress up your windows with curtains in these lucky Chinese New Year’s colors, too.
Metal complements water
In feng shui, water’s complimentary element is metal, which is a fun and modern item to introduce to your décor as well.
Mix your blues and blacks with sophisticated shades of white, gray, silver and platinum. Neutral walls provide a wonderful backdrop for eye-popping décor in water’s vibrant colors.
For those who want an extra decorating challenge, consider decorative items that come in flowing shapes as well. Waves are a popular theme strongly associated with water—anything undulating, curvy and free-flowing will be a beautifully ethereal addition to your décor. Water features are also a no-nonsense way to introduce water into your home.
Whether you decide to go full force in your feng shui decorating or would like to add just subtle touches to your already well-dressed home, have fun with the element of water and have a Happy New Year!


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