Gong Myung Is Casted in ‘Mysterious Freshman’

[by Woorim Ahn] Gong Myung joined drama ‘Mysterious Freshman’.

According to his agency on December 30, he recently confirmed to appear in SBS one-play drama ‘Mysterious Freshman’.

He will be playing the role of Lee Min Sung, who is a friend of Jung Woo Hyun (Yeon Joon Suk) but gets a coma as he involves in an accident. Lee Min Sung is a son of rich family, but he treats people bad with an innocent look.

Gong Myung said, “I’m so nervous and appreciated to show up in a good drama. The character that I will be playing is something different that I acted before, so I’m happy to show my new side. I will try my best.”

Meanwhile, ‘Mysterious Freshman’ is currently on its filming. (photo by Fantagio)

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