Gong Li in love with the complexity of role in "Saturday Fiction"

9 Sep – Chinese actress Gong Li recently admitted that it was the complexity of the character of Jean Yu that made her accept the offer to portray it in the new Lou Ye film, "Saturday Fiction".

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who attended the 76th Venice International Film Festival to promote the said film, revealed that she plays a movie star who returns to Shanghai as a spy for the United States government in an attempt to stop the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Speaking about the film, which also mixes romance, action, and thriller, Gong stated, "After reading the script, I realised that this would be a very challenging role. I even discussed the script with the director for more than a week, talking about the complexity of the character's inner world and so on."

The actress also admitted that she was inspired by Jean's complexity.

"The director told me that though she is a professional spy, she is also very kind. I remember in one scene, she refuses to kill a person who has lost the ability to resist despite the fact that she is a professional killer. She had a chance to escape, but she still chooses to go back," she said.

The film, which also stars Mark Chao and Joe Odagiri, is also selected to compete for the Golden Lion prize, while Gong is nominated for Best Actress at the said festival.

(Photo Source: M Time)