'Gone Girl' sequel: What will be Amy's game this time?

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23 Aug 2021: 'Gone Girl' sequel: What will be Amy's game this time?

David Fincher's Gone Girl impressed all with its unpredictable story. The movie skilfully presented the complex marriage of Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike). In it, we see Amy, a sociopath, staging her death to avenge Nick cheating on her, and in the end, she announces a surprise pregnancy. But, the cracks in their marriage remained, paving way for sequel. Let's explore.

#1: Will Amy and Nick lead a happy married life?

The sequel might take us a few years ahead on the road, of Amy and Nick's happy married life. It is certain that Amy's psychopath nature will not give Nick any chance to get out of her life. He is stuck with her, until he can match Amy's cunning and shrewd behavior. And if he manages that, Amy should better look out for herself!

#2: Fake pregnancy, fake miscarriage, so quintessentially Amy

As mentioned before, in the end of Gone Girl, Amy announces that she's expecting. But, remember she faked her death? So, she's fully capable of doing the same with her pregnancy. The sequel can pull that mask off her face, and show us whether she's really telling the truth. In that case, she will take no time to pretend that she miscarried as well.

#3: If she's pregnant for real, her child becomes next victim?

Now in case, she is pregnant for real, the sequel could be set when Amy and Nick's child takes birth. We speculate that the kid born (if any) will be a girl, because that would be an easy way for the makers to show Amy being in charge of the chaos she creates. Meaning, that kid will be another victim of her manipulative tricks.

Details: Are makers planning for 'Gone Girl' 2? Know the truth

About a possible sequel, Pike had said that only if the original's screenwriter Gillian Flynn returns, she will hop onto the sequel boat. And Flynn had said that part two will be "a few years down the road," for which the cast and crew should reunite. If Gone Girl 2 happens, Affleck and Pike will undoubtedly return, along with a bunch of new faces.

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