Golden Village opens new cinema in Bedok's DjitSun Mall

One of the six halls at GV Bedok (PHOTO: Golden Village Multiplex)

Golden Village (GV) has opened a new 576-seat multiplex cinema in the same spot where the iconic Princess Theatre once stood.

GV Bedok’s opening in DjitSun Mall comes in response to the demand from residents there for a neighbourhood cineplex following the Princess Theatre’s closure 10 years ago.

“We’ve long heard the call from the residents of Bedok to bring a cinema back to this vibrant neighbourhood, but finding the right location in the heart of the neighbourhood was always key,” said GV chief executive officer Clara Cheo in a press release on Monday (25 June).

The new six-theatre Bedok cinema features leatherette seats as well as laser projection for its screening of Hollywood blockbusters and independent films.

Movie tickets for GV Bedok can be purchased online on the GV website and through the iGV app.

(from left to right) Cheese, Seaweed Wasabi, Curry, and Caramel Gourmet Popcorn (PHOTO: Golden Village Multiplex)

GV will also be launching a new localised curry-flavoured gourmet popcorn in conjunction with the opening of the new Bedok cinema. It will be available exclusively at GV Bedok for three months from the cinema’s opening date.

GV will also be introducing three other gourmet popcorn flavours – Seaweed Wasabi, Caramel and Cheese – across its cinemas in Singapore.

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