Gold Mining Company Discovers New Innovative Method to Significantly Increase Yield

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In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, from April 2020 to 2021, the UK government borrowed £300bn – the highest figure since records began.

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In the US, a whopping $1.9tn (yes, trillion,) or $1,900,000,000,000.00 was borrowed, amounting to the largest bailout in American history.

Who has to pay for this? Well, the governments certainly don’t have any savings it can dip into. So, what exactly is the next step?

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Inflation. With these newly-created dollars and pounds, the value of them decreases. The more of something that exists, the less valuable it is. Basic economics, right?

As a result of this, thousands of investors all around the world have been moving their money from the banks and putting it in areas which cannot be printed. Commodities like gold and silver have been streets ahead of the rest as a #1 option for the majority of investors.

Chronus Mining is a gold mining company based in Malaysia. Founded in 2004 by David Fairbank, it quickly became an industry leader in the gold mining world after its new and brilliant drilling methods, invented by the talented engineer, Dr Albert Finch.

With these new methods in place, a lot of previously-abandoned mines are now being given a second chance at life. Chronus Mining have some exciting new projects in the pipeline with their Lubuk Mandi project coming to an end.

One of their new projects involves an underdeveloped gold resource in Alaska. The project, under their “CM Alaska” arm, aims to create 3,000 new jobs in the industry. It has completely hit the ground running with investors all around the world queueing up to get involved.

CM Alaska aims to create an open pit mine. As it currently stands, a large camp has been set up for the workers with additional infrastructure plans in place for various other areas like a new airstrip, multiple port sites, a mill, truck shop, waste water treatment plant, and many more.

Chronus Mining have been in the news in the past after developing a brand new drill which significantly improved the efficiency of mining. Since then, technology has advanced, creating better and better methods.

As it currently stands, Chronus Mining believes to have the best drilling hardware in the world. We believe they may be onto something - their impressive track record over the years speaks for itself. And while their technology is kept secret, their confidence in their abilities is very apparent.

Although no specific dates for gold mining are currently set, CM Alaska anticipates the project to run over thirty years.

New gold mining projects are always interesting, and Chronus Mining seems to tick all the boxes when it comes to a sustainable and efficient mining forecast.

With many investors around the world trading in their stocks and shares for tangible commodities, we see Chronus Mining at the forefront of that demand.

We believe Chronus Mining to be a perfect choice because of the company’s positive track record, it’s still in early stages, and its operations are in an incredibly popular spot.

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