Godfrey Gao's team warns fans not to fall for fundraising scams

4 Dec – Godfrey Gao's camp has recently released a statement warning fans of malicious people using the actor's death to scam others for financial gain.

As reported on Epoch Times, it was recently revealed that there have been several instances of irresponsible parties establishing funds in Godfrey's name in order to profit from fans' vulnerable state.

Upon finding out about these funds, the team immediately issued a statement to clarify that they are not associated with any of these funds.

"We found that recently there are people with bad intentions setting up multiple fundraising groups supposedly for a memorial service. Although the amount is small, it is still heartbreaking. Thereby, we solemnly declare that neither Godfrey Gao's support group nor his official Weibo has ever started any fundraising group."

The team also reminded fans to always be wary of such scams despite grieving for the actor.

(Photo Source: Godfrey Gao Instagram)