Godfrey Gao's fans demand for full accountability from Zhejiang TV

2 Dec – Fans of the late Godfrey Gao are now making demands from Zhejiang TV following the death of the actor on the set of its reality show, "Chase Me".

As reported on HK01, a fan of the actor recently posted a video to express her frustration and dissatisfaction towards the said station, especially after it was rumoured that Zhejiang TV is still planning to air the programme as scheduled despite what had happened.

She also made six demands against the station, including for Zhejiang TV to disclose what had actually happened and details regarding the investigations, for upper management to be held accountable, and for the station to stop airing the programme permanently.

Her video received a lot of support from other fans, who are now demanding for the station to do as asked.

The said fan also expressed disappointment over reports from other fans that they were chased away by crew members when they went on the set of the show to pay respect to Godfrey.

On the other hand, it was also rumoured that the main people involved in the show, including the director and producer, have been fired following the tragedy that had befallen the 35-year-old actor.

(Photo Source: Godfrey Gao Instagram)