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Search for a national treasure - Go With The Flo

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In this episode of ‘Go With The Flo’, hosts Flora and Wan Ting head to a nature park in search of a national ‘treasure’ few know about. Specifically, the elusive Raffles’ banded langurs, a native primate species that is endangered in Singapore.

They also speak with primatologist, Dr Andie Ang, to learn more about how we can contribute in our own ways to wildlife conservation by being ‘citizen scientists’.

Citizen scientists are those who voluntarily survey and report data of the biodiversity around us. The data collected can be useful for wildlife conservation strategies by important decision makers.

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This episode of ‘Go With The Flo’ was filmed in April 2021, before stricter social distancing measures were implemented in Singapore. Let’s do our part and stay safe.

Flora Yeo is a host for the series, ‘Go With The Flo’, watch all episodes here: sg.tv.yahoo.com/go-with-the-flo

Koh Wan Ting is a senior reporter for Yahoo News Singapore. For more of her stories: http://yhoo.it/wtkoh

For all the news you need: sg.yahoo.com

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