Gloria Tang denies affair with married singer Pakho Chau

14 May – TVB actress Gloria Tang has recently denied rumours that she is involved romantically with married singer Pakho Chau.

As reported on Sina, sources recently claimed that Gloria became close to the singer after working together in TVB's "Another Era", and that it was the actress who made the first move on Pakho.

It was alleged that Gloria even continued to send Pakho gifts and remain in contact with him despite already completed filming the drama in 2017.

Last November, the two stars celebrated their birthdays together, with both parties sharing videos and photos from the event on social media.

However, Gloria reportedly stopped sharing photos with Pakho following the scandal involving Jacqueline Wong and singer Andy Hui, reportedly in fear of being caught as well.

When asked to address the rumours recently, Gloria denied that her relationship with Pakho was anything romantic.

"I've worked with Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen. They are my seniors [in this industry] and looked out for me like a brother would," she said.

As for celebrating their birthdays together, Gloria said that it was only because their birthdays fall in the same month.

"We meet up for meals and special occasions like birthdays whenever we have time. There is nothing special about it," she said.

(Photo Source: Sina cn)