Gloria Diaz thought offer to guest on "Insatiable" was a mistake

Heidi Hsia

9 Oct – Former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz recently admitted that she never thought that the offer to appear on the Netflix series "Insatiable" was for her in the first place.

As reported on Push, the 1969 Miss Universe titleholder, who spoke about her stint on the show during an appearance at an event in Bonifacio City, stated that she received the offer through the instant messaging software, Viber, and thought that the producers got the wrong person.

"I didn't really answer it in the beginning until they Viber-ed me again and I said, yeah, okay. And then I was even surprised because I said 'What role would I do?' I just couldn't think - I didn't realise it was going to be my role," she added.

Playing the role of beauty queen and mentor Gloria Reyes who is idolised by pageant coach Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), Diaz said that despite that particular title, everything else about the character and her real life are very different.

"Even the dialogue is not something I would say. I like to be funny and she is funny. But that is the only similarity," she said.

She also sang praises for the lead stars Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts, saying that they were kind to her.

"And I was saying last night as I got into the set they were like 'Oh welcome. welcome'. But like I said, the more they welcomed me, the more stressed I became, and the more I said 'Am I going to be able to deliver?' So I got more nervous," she said.

Diaz appears in the sixth episode of the second season of the said show, which will be released on the streaming platform on 11 October.

(Photo Source: ABS CBN News)