The Glenrothes 18 Year Old: A Study In Balance

We at AUGUSTMAN love a good whisky. We love sharing them, typified by our conversation with Benjamin Barker head honcho Benjamin Yap, over a few drams of The Glenrothes 42.

The waves that The Glenrothes has made in Singapore’s whisky market over the past year is arguably unprecedented. It’s entered our consciousness and embedded itself with a tantalizingly complex, crisp, fruity spirit, one beloved by connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. The Glenrothes 18 Year Old embodies this, a complex and well-rounded expression, matured only in sherry seasoned oak casks. It is a palate-pleaser, with sweet notes of ginger, rose water, pears and vanilla, and a long, complex finish. It is one of Master Whiskey Maker Laura Rampling’s materpieces. In describing the 18-Year-Old, she said, “Rich sweetness, gentle spice, fragrant fruit and the refinement of age.  The 18 represents a pivotal moment in our maturation journey.” 

The 18 Year Old is perhaps one of The Glenrothes’ most accessible whiskies. Its less imposing flavour profile also allows drinkers to experience one of the central tenets of The Glenrothes experience – the water used in the production process. The Glenrothes is one of the few distilleries in the world that still uses a private water source for every aspect of production – specifically, a fresh spring water from the grounds of The Glenrothes Estate that is naturally filtered through millions of years of volcanic bedrock as it makes its way to the distillery, resulting in water that is remarkably soft and free from impurities. This water is fundamental to the elemental elegance that is the signature of The Glenrothes house style.

Retails for S$271