Gisou Just Dropped the Cutest Lip Oil Chain Charms but It’s Available Only for a Limited Time

These Gisou Lip Oil Charms Are *So* AdorableGisou

In case you didn’t get the memo, charms are making a major comeback in all forms. More recently, peeps over on le Clock App (aka TikTok) have become obsessed with Gisou’s colorful chains that pair with its honey infused lip oils—only to find out that that was part of a popup event in LA. That is, until now.

After sending all the comments/thoughts/prayers, Gisou came through for those of us not based on the west coast and has made these adorable handcrafted chains free with purchase when you buy the brand’s Honey Infused Lip Oil and any other product. You’ll find it added to your cart immediately with no code needed, but only while supplies last!

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These playful chains are exclusively curated and designed by Gisou’s founder, Negin Mirsalehi, herself. TBH I never would have thought about accessorizing my lip oil bottle but now that I’ve seen it, I can never look back. It’s a fun and simple way to make whipping out your lippie at any given moment all the more exciting, and I’ll take any excuse that lets me be the center of attention without having to say anything at all. I mean, the drama of it all!!! A charm chain on your lip gloss? “It”-girl behavior only.

From friendship bracelets Swifties are passing around during Taylor Swift’s Eras tour to those classic, nostalgic ones from Pandora, people can’t seem to get enough of a lil personalized moment. As it stands, it seems only a natural conclusion that we’ve turned to charming up our lip products too. Plus, it helps that this Gisou lip oil is a bit of a conversation starter all on its own.

In addition to it being infused with honey, it also packs hyaluronic acid to hydrate and subtly plump the surface of your skin. If you’re battling chapped lips or just want a nice shiny look, you can just slather on some of this for a glossy finish. It also is made with natural ingredients including buriti fruit oil and blueberry seed oil that give all the nourishment. Once you get your hands on this charm for this go-to lip oil, I just know it’s over for everyone!

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