Girl group TWICE is in Singapore for the second time this year

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
TWICE mostly sugar with a dash of spice at first concert in Singapore

Just six months after their first concert in Singapore in April, K-pop girl group TWICE is back here again, supposedly to film their own reality show “TWICE TV”.

The nine-member group arrived at Changi Airport on Sunday night (24 September) without any prior announcement of their visit, but was still met with many excited fans who welcomed them.

Their ‘surprise’ appearance also caught many ONCEs (fans of TWICE) off-guard, causing many to post their own reactions on Twitter.

In an effort to let fellow ONCEs know what TWICE is doing in Singapore, one user posted a screenshot of an email which stated that the girl group would be filming their reality show, TWICE TV, at ION Orchard’s Food Opera on 25 September at 4 to 6.30pm.

There is no word yet on how long TWICE will be staying in Singapore for. According to Soompi, they are also slated for a comeback in the K-pop scene in late October.

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