Ginza Fukusuke Honten: Visiting the Chain Where the California Roll Was Born!

Ginza Fukusuke Honten: Visiting the Chain Where the California Roll Was Born!
Ginza Fukusuke Honten: Visiting the Chain Where the California Roll Was Born!

Tokyo’s Fukusuke and Horikawa sushi chains offer a relaxed atmosphere and high-quality dishes. While many sushi shops in Ginza offer up truly luxurious portions, the most popular choices often are accompanied by a bill that some visitors may find difficult to handle.

Known best for inventing the California roll, Fukusuke serves a wide variety of sushi that’s attractive to tourists. We visited the Sushidokoro Ginza Fukusuke Honten to learn more about its popularity.

Discover a prime location in Ginza where you can relax and still get a sense of luxury!

As you come out of Exit 8 of Tokyo Metro Ginza-itchome Station, you’ll find Sushidokoro Ginza Fukusuke’s main branch located in the building straight ahead. Take the elevator to the 10th floor to reach the restaurant’s grand entrance.

For a breathtaking view of Ginza, the table seats are your best choice. There are also private tables for parties of 6 to 12 people, so you can easily spend time with family and friends while practicing safe social distancing.

At all Fukusuke/Horikawa locations, careful attention has been paid to creating a stress-free atmosphere, and the chairs are all of a height that’s easy to use for both children and the elderly.

There are also 23 counter seats where you can appreciate the sushi chefs’ skill and the careful way they handle the fresh fish. On weekdays, counter seats can be reserved at certain times of day, so be sure to contact the restaurant if you wish to make a reservation.

Fukusuke’s “Sushi Set” is absolutely gorgeous!

Sushidokoro Ginza Fukusuke offers great-value lunches, as well as meal sets featuring types of sushi that have proven to be a hit with international customers. The most popular set is the simply-named “Sushi Set” (3,850 yen).

This eye-drawing platter comes with servings of otoro tuna, chutoro tuna, salmon, greater amberjack, scallop, shrimp, conger eel, and three California rolls. The salmon roe and scallop are from Hokkaido, and the eel is from Tsushima, Nagasaki.

The servings are big and fresh, which should come as no surprise since Fukusuke/Horikawa was founded as a high-end fresh fish wholesaler. The harmony between the flavor of the seafood and sushi rice that melts in your mouth highlights the skill of the itamae (sushi chefs).

The blue crab miso soup included with the set is exquisite, and there’s almost too much crab for the bowl! It’s a perfect side dish to accompany the sushi.

The menu is available in both English and Chinese (simplified and traditional). All the sushi in each set are listed, so you can order without worrying about what you’ll get.

Fukusuke/Horikawa invented the California roll!

The Sushi Set includes California rolls. The chefs are proud to share that they originated at Fukusuke/Horikawa before gaining worldwide fame! Avocado, snow crab, and rice are rolled together and then rolled again in another layer of vinegared rice.

After cutting, the slices are sprinkled with green seaweed flakes and tobiko (flying fish roe). California Rolls were reportedly made with vivid colors that appeal to Americans for serving at house parties.

The concept of sashimi evolves with the proud “Six Sashimi Assortment”

While some diners are very interested in sushi, they’re sometimes a little reluctant to eat raw fish and shellfish without rice, but don’t miss out on the “Six Sashimi Assortment” (6,050 yen). You can sample six kinds of sashimi with a variety of flavors, like round clam, red sea bream, turban shell (liver), chutoro tuna, mackerel, and squid (Please note that clam and mackerel may be substituted for other options seasonally).

Fukusuke’s clams and shellfish are fresh and devoid of the scents typically associated with seafood, so even if you haven’t been a fan in the past, your perception may change. If you want to try delicious sashimi in Japan, fulfill that desire at Fukusuke Main Store!

Measures against the coronavirus

To ensure a safe dining experience for patrons, the Fukusuke main store has undertaken thorough measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, including a switch to using carefully sealed soy sauce bottles and disposable hand towels.

Other precautions include: Disinfection, sterilization, and cleaning of equipment; making hand sanitizer available; disinfection every time customers leave; use of coin trays; employees wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and having their temperature monitored; limiting the number of people allowed to enter; appropriate space between seats; and barring entry to customers in poor health.

Fresh ingredients and hospitality – if you want the best sushi in Tokyo, visit Sushidokoro Ginza Fukusuke Honten!

The Fukusuke/Horikawa restaurants are particular about creating a dining experience where anyone can have a relaxed meal, and the Ginza store in particular hosts many overseas customers. The atmosphere makes it easy to ask the itamae and other staff questions.

There are plenty of other great menu items to try, so why not visit a restaurant that prides itself on welcoming visitors from all over the world and enjoy!

Fukusuke Honten
Ginza Trecious 10F,2-6-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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