Gillian Chung to marry in May?

16 Apr – Rumour has it that Gillian Chung and fiancé, Michael Lai are set to tie the knot this May.

As reported on On CC, sources claimed that the singer will be holding her wedding in Los Angeles on 25 May, which will be a small ceremony attended only by their two families and close friends.

Among these friends are Gillian's Twins partner Charlene Choi, socialite Laurinda Ho, singers Yumiko Cheng, Rainie Yang, and manager Mani Fok.

The couple will also be holding a big wedding banquet in Hong Kong, which will be sponsored by EEG boss, Albert Yeung, who previously promised to pay for Gillian's wedding if she ever gets married.

On the other hand, Gillian, who is currently busy with work, will not be taking a long break after her wedding, as she is set to star in several new projects and shows after the nuptials.

(Photo source: On CC)