Gillian Chung finds silver lining from photo scandal

13 Nov– If there is one silver lining from the infamous Edison Chen photo scandal that unfortunately dragged Gillian Chung's name into the mud, is that she now knows who her true friends are.

The actress, who sat down for an interview with Mingpao recently and spoke about the 2008 scandal, revealed that her real friends and family members really helped a lot in encouraging her to continue on with her career despite her reputation being tarnished because of the scandal.

"At the time, the biggest support for me was my family. They didn't push me to do anything. My mother said, "When you're ready, you will do it." Because of them, I insisted on holding my head high and not let myself sunk by the incident," she said.

Gillian admitted that it was not an easy feat, especially being a woman.

"I have experienced a lot when it comes to cyber violence and bullying. I was able to face it and not do stupid things," she said.

On the positive side, the actress said that the issue has made her recognise her true friends, especially after some of them cut their ties with her, and helped her grow up a lot as a person.

"I don't like fake people. I don't have time to speculate about other people's heart. It's too tiring," she added.

(Photo Source: Gillian Chung Instagram)