Gillian Chung denies expressing contempt at Rainie Yang

14 Jun – Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung recently took to social media to ask fans not to make speculations about her previous Instagram post.

As reported on Liberty Times, Gillian previously shared a screenshot from the 2017 movie, "Ladybird", with the subtitles below reading, "You don't think about anybody but yourself."

She added two hashtags in the caption, saying that it is uncomfortable that someone one respects so much would think that one doesn't need him or her, and asked why can't people let go of unnecessary emotions and just give others their blessings.

Fans who saw the post quickly jumped into conclusion, with some speculating that Gillian was either talking about either Rainie Yang or Angela Chang - the two Taiwanese singers whom she considered good friends, but were absent at her recent prenuptial reception.

In response to the speculations, Gillian posted another message the day after, saying that she was only expressing her feelings and that it had nothing to do with her friends.

She also added that she has already moved on from that and asked that everybody should just let it go as well.

Rainie soon responded to the post, saying that it is nothing unusual for an artiste to express their feelings like normal people.

(Photo source: Liberty Times Net)