Gil Cuerva wants to learn to write his own story

Heidi Hsia

17 Sep – Gil Cuerva doesn't want to be your average good-looking actor, which is why he plans on doing something more - like perhaps, taking a scriptwriting class with Ricky Lee.

As reported on PEP, the actor, who spoke about the popular workshop helmed by the famed scriptwriter, stated that he has always been interested to participate in the course and hopes that he would be able to make it for the next batch despite the limited slots.

"I really want to take such class, whether it is with Ricky Lee or any writing class. I really want to do it because I want to be able to construct my thoughts," he said.

He added that he hopes to create his own story instead of just focusing his work as an actor.

"I am not going to limit myself to one thing. I'm not going to say I am going to be a writer or a director or a producer. I'm just saying that I am open to doing that in the future because nothing lasts forever," he said.

Asked what kind of movie he would like to write, Cuerva said, "I don't know. But there are few times in a day that I would just randomly think of something and be like, 'Hey, it could make a good story!'"

The actor also revealed that he would sometimes spend time with friends Piolo Pascual and Joyce Bernal and watch how they work behind the scenes for their studio, Spring Films.

"I would just go along because I want to observe and learn," he added.

(Photo Source: Gil Cuerva Instagram)