Gigi Hadid regrets not standing up for herself during photoshoots

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid regrets not standing up for herself during photoshoots when she knew something "wasn't right".

The 24-year-old, who began her career back in 2013, reflected on her successes and failures in a candid interview for i-D magazine and shared her disappointment at not being able to speak out when she knew something was wrong on set.

"I think my biggest failures in my life and my career have been when I haven't had - or I wasn't old enough to have - the confidence to stand up for myself when I knew what was happening on set wasn't right," Gigi explained. "I didn't believe I had the voice to speak out. I guess through those disappointments in myself, or through disappointing others with my actions, I've really been able to learn. I try and grow from everything."

Gigi did not elaborate on the inappropriate behaviour she faced.

She then explained that she worked through the failures by being honest with herself and having an inner dialogue that "forces" her to look at a problem from every perspective.

"You have to connect with your morals, with how you want to live your life, find your place. I learned that the hard way!" she laughed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gigi revealed her resolutions for 2020.

"I'm taking a fuller version of myself," the model, who recently reunited with ex Zayn Malik, shared. "What I'm gonna leave behind is negativity."

The catwalk superstar was handpicked by Rihanna and the team at i-D to appear in a special limited-edition issue titled "Rihannazine". Other models to be interviewed and photographed by Mario Sorrenti included her sister Bella, Adwoa Aboah, and Paloma Elsesser.

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