Gigi Hadid and Music Producer Cole Bennett Are "Moving in a Romantic Direction"

gigi hadid cole bennett
Gigi Hadid and Cole Bennett May Be a New Couple 👀Getty Images

It sure sounds like things are progressing for supermodel Gigi Hadid and her rumored ~thing~ with music producer Cole Bennett. According to Us Weekly, Gigi and Cole are "moving in a romantic direction." 😍

"They've been friends for a few years," the insider revealed. "They've been playing coy about their status, but they mesh together really well." Another source also spilled Gigi finds Cole to be "refreshing." Cole seems to be pretty happy with her too, as the source said "he lights up around her." Awe. 🥹

Rumors of a relationship between Gigi and Cole began circulating after the two were seen out together twice back-to-back, but neither of them have spoken on their status.

gigi hadid cole bennett
Getty Images

According to the second Us source, Gigi is "ready for something more serious" after her on-again-off-again relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. While Gigi may have moved on from the Titanic actor, the pair is still on good terms. Last month, an insider told Us, "Leo and Gigi still talk on occasion, and they see each other fairly often because they travel in similar circles of friends."

"They respect each other and have fun when they're together, but it's not the type of situation Gigi would settle down for," they added. "She's more than happy living the single life and focusing on her daughter and her career."

We'll be sure to keep you update on any Cole and Gigi news. 👀

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