Getting hitched? Don't forget the face mask

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The face mask could become a wedding attire essential for couples getting hitched.

After the cancellations and postponements of 2020, weddings are getting back on the agenda. A time to party and to celebrate love while keeping everyone safe by complying with social distancing guidelines. As a result, the face mask is now everyone's must-have wedding accessory. In fact, the bridal gown won't be the only focus of attention, as traditional wedding attire is now joined by the inevitable cloth covering that's becoming the hottest accessory for couples tying the knot.

It's time to say yes to weddings, but not without face masks. Make no mistake: right now, face masks are the new normal, and no one knows when that's likely to change. But forget the idea of getting hitched in a basic surgical mask -- white on the inside, blue on the outside -- which (understandably) hasn't been designed with this kind of ceremony in mind. As a result, couples getting hitched no longer just have their dress, suit, shoes and jewelry to think of, as they're now also seeking "THE" ultimate face mask for the big day.

Whether matching the dress or suit, classic white or customized to mark the unique occasion, the mask is on its way to becoming a major focus of attention for couples getting married. This new popularity is reflected on global search platform Lyst ,* which has seen no less than 30,000 monthly searches for "bridal," "wedding" and "matching" face masks. And this isn't likely to slow, since social distancing measures continue to be important as countries ease covid-19 restrictions.

Time to party, time to stand out

Couples and their guests will be making up for lost time in 2020, partying the night away to celebrate love, or simply life. This state of mind is being reflected in clothing choices, which are more festive and audacious than ever. After all, who wants to go unnoticed after spending a year in sweatpants? Searches for mini bridal dresses have really taken off (+170%), and there's growing interest in "fun pants" (+37%), as well as in rhinestone heels (+31%) like Amina Muaddi's crystal slingback pumps. Plus, there's keen interest in "men's wedding skirts" (+26%), a trend that's reminiscent of the Scottish tradition.

"Following a year of uncertainty and cancelled plans, we predict a significant shift towards partywear and maximalism as brides, grooms and guests will be making the most of being able to finally celebrate big life moments in person," said Morgane Le Caer, Lyst content lead. "With show-stopping dresses, bold suits, statement accessories and high heels once again making their way into everyone's wish lists, it's becoming clear that if 2020 was the year of the Zoom wedding, 2021 will be the year that's bringing the after party back."

In a different style, the impact of the hit Netflix show "Bridgerton" is being seen in bridal clothing searches too. Bridal corsets are proving particularly popular (+291%), as well as empire-waist wedding dresses (+133%).

Are watches the new engagement rings?

As men's engagement rings gain popularity worldwide, another jewelry item is on the rise too: the engagement watch. Lyst noted growing interest in recent months in terms like "couple", "engagement" and "wedding" in the watch category, resulting in a 42% increase in searches for pieces including these terms.

* To draw up this report, Lyst studied the behavior of its 150 million annual visitors browsing and buying fashion items online from 12,000 brands and stores. The 2021 Wedding Report takes into account global searches on Lyst and Google, social media mentions of brands and products, as well as engagement statistics, over the last 12 months. See the full report here: .

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