Getting Gorgeous Hair

Pierra Calasanz-Labrador for Yahoo! Southeast Asia
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Do you wrestle with your mane every morning, only to give up and just let it go limp, tikwas, or buhaghag? Try these hair care tips and show off your crowning glory!

First things first. Invest in a good haircut that flatters your face shape and works with your hair texture. When looking for celeb style pegs, keep your search limited to those who have a similar face shape and hair texture to achieve the same look. Consider your lifestyle, too—do you have the time and patience to blow-dry daily, or do you need a wash-and-wear haircut?

"Ever since I cropped my hair into a pixie cut, it hardly takes any time to dry, and I simply finger-style it with shaping clay and I'm out the door," says Olivia Torres, a freelance writer and extreme sports enthusiast. Once you've found the perfect style for you, don't forget to come back for regular trims to maintain its shape and keep split ends at bay.

Protect your hair. Keep your locks glossy, strong and lustrous by protecting it from the elements and chemical treatments. Says full-time mom, beach bunny and former commercial model Maite, "When I'm at the beach, I coat my hair with leave-in conditioner or oil for the sun." Overexposure to the sun can fry your hair and scalp, but exposure to chlorine in pools is even worse, so look for products that protect against its harmful effects.

If you must do rebonding, perming or other harsh chemical treatments—which will actually damage your hair—make sure the hair products you're using are specifically made to fight such intense damage. Indulge in a deep conditioning treatment regularly (whether weekly at-home hair masks or monthly salon treatments) to give hair a moisture boost and bring out the shine.

Go natural. Boogie Trinidad, full-time mom and former beauty brand manager, shares: "My top tip for caring for my hair would be to use quality shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients/oils. The more natural/plant-based (and less sudsy) the better." We love the shampoo variants now with natural oils such as the familiar coconut, olive, jojoba, almond and the exotic like argan and babassu.

Learn styling tricks that you can achieve yourself. Find styling products that work with your texture and cut, and ask your stylist for tips on maintaining a salon-worthy look.

1. For frizz control: For Maite's long, slightly wavy locks, she simply tames them by applying argan oil after shampooing to lock in moisture and "keep the frizz away." Applying Moroccan oil or shine serum also gives your hair a nice, healthy shine.

2. For a sleek ponytail: Kim Reyes, beauty editor of Mega Magazine, shares, "If your hair isn't behaving after all the styling, keep it up in a high, sleek pony. It's essential that it looks polished, so apply mousse and comb through hair, and use a fine-toothed comb to tame frizz. Spritz a light mist of hair spray to keep everything in place." Make sure you invest in quality elastics that won't chafe at your strands and cause split ends!

3. Blowdrying tip: "While damp, blowdry hair on a cool setting, and when it's time to style, turn up the heat so it's more manageable. Then go back to cool setting to seal up the hair cuticle and prevent frizz," says Kim. Apply a bit of leave-in conditioner to hair before blowdrying to protect it from direct heat. "To add instant volume, spritz hair with a volumizer, then flip hair to blow dry the roots."

4. Afraid of the blowdryer? Fan dry your hair instead, working your fingers through your hair to shake off the water. Then, flip your hair in front of your face to fan dry the roots to give it bouncy volume. Remember, never attend an event or important meeting without drying your hair—aside from looking like a wet duck, it's totally unprofessional!

5. For easy waves: Liza Ilarde, editor of Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend, always looks fabulously put together for events—you'd never guess that she curses her "messy" hair! She finally stopped fighting her natural waves, and shares this quickie day-to-night styling trick: "Before I leave for work, I twirl my hair into a bun while wet. Then, I release it when it's time to switch to evening mode, and I get nice, soft waves."

6. For styling tools: For instant glam, Boogie relies on styling tools to achieve either stick-straight locks or lush curls. "I usually use a straightening iron or curl maker, though I try to limit using heated tools only for special occasions." Opt for ceramic irons, which use less heat and are kinder to your hair. Before styling with heated tools, don't forget to seal in moisture by applying a leave-in conditioner to keep hair smooth, shiny, and manageable.