We’re getting a “Ghostbusters” mashup of the OG and *new* team and we’re here for it

We’re getting a “Ghostbusters” mashup of the OG and *new* team and we’re here for it
We’re getting a “Ghostbusters” mashup of the OG and *new* team and we’re here for it

For many of us, the Ghostbusters reboot was a dream come true. Four strong, hilarious women proving that they ain’t afraid of no ghosts? The only way to make the dream even better would be a team-up of the old and new Ghostbusters. Oh wait, it’s happening.

IDW Comics’ Ghostbusters 101 unites the original and new casts. This means Abby, Patty, Erin and Holtzmann will now bust ghosts alongside Winston, Egon, Ray and Venkman. This is even better than finding out we’d see Bill Murray in the Ghostbusters reboot – but not better than the fact that there will be more Ghostbusters movies we’re already excited to see.

According to Nerdist, IDW’s Ghosbusters comics do what can’t be done on screen: Allow the two groups to work together to keep ghosts in check. The new Ghostbusters 101 series will be written by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado.

In a statement, Burnham said:

“This is it. A meeting of the teams. I can honestly say that it’s something a ton of fans have been demanding since the very hint of a new Ghostbusters movie; I get asked at cons and social media a lot: when will there be a crossover? Well now I can give an answer: in 2017. And I’m so excited for it — introducing these characters to each other and letting their individual quirks mix? Just going by past crossovers, that’s a whole lot of fun.”

The premise *does* sound intriguing. After all, it starts with Ray, Peter, and Egon returning to their roots as teachers. But when their students accidentally set a potentially catastrophic event in motion, they need help. And you can guess what happens next — they call the group of badass ladies we’ve come to know and love.

Dan Schoening is also very excited for the new series. He says, “since 1984, I’ve been a huge fan of Ghostbusters….I for one couldn’t be more excited to have the privilege and opportunity to help introduce Patty, Erin, Abby, Jillian and Kevin to the IDW Ghostbusters comic books. Now, let’s bust some heads… in a spiritual sense of course.”

Ghostbusters 101 will premiere in March, and will retail for $3.99. Since we don’t have definitive news about more films, we’re pretty thrilled that at least we get to see our beloved busting crews in comics form so soon!

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