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Get Taylor Swift's healthy hair secret for under $10

The singer's trick for thick, lustrous hair is surprisingly simple and affordable too.

Taylor Swift's hair
Taylor Swift's hair is nearly as popular as her lip shades. The secret? The singer maintains her lustrous mane with silk scrunchies. (Getty Images)

Listen, Taylor Swift has incredible hair. It's shiny, the bangs are enviably thick and it looks good whether straight, curled, in an up 'do or left hanging long. Swift's hair is easy to overlook — we're all too busy wondering when exactly Taylor and Travis Kelce will get engaged or scrutinizing every other aspect of the singer's appearance: from her red lips to the underwear Taylor Swift wears on the cover of her album, The Tortured Poets Department (they're from the Row, currently on sale for $316 — down from $790). Still, Swift's hair is always right there, looking healthy and strong. Among the secrets to maintaining it? It's not some $60 leave-in treatment or even an elite shampoo, but instead: a set of silk scrunchies.

Made of 100% high-quality mulberry silk, these scrunchies glide on and off hair with ease — leaving behind zero damage to hair and no visible elastic marks. They come in three colorways (black, pink and tan) and in sets of three. 

$37 at Amazon

Silk scrunchies have long been heralded as a kind of hair miracle by stylists and beauty experts alike. Whether you use them to maintain a loose up 'do while you sleep (to keep hair from getting tousled and, also, away from your face) or to style during the day, they contain myriad hair-health benefits. Unlike harsh elastic bands, silk scrunchies can lessen hair loss, help prevent frizz and keep your coiff smooth overnight. Because they are low-tug, they can also help you avoid the headaches and discomfort of two-tight ponytails (a real thing!). And, since they're ultra-easy to remove, they keep your hair from breaking and splitting too.

In a 2022 video originally released on TikTok, Taylor can be seen with a Slip scrunchie worn casually on her wrist, a reminder that this is a woman who's developed good taste in most all things — from boyfriends to music to the simple scrunchie she uses to protect her hair.


"The best," raves one 5-star fan "Worth the money. They are so comfortable. I sleep with them in and they don’t pull my hair."

Another satisfied customer calls them "perfect" and here's why: "I have very long hair and needed something less damaging than those little plastic ties.... They're very gentle and I don't have to worry about any of my hair getting tangled in them or broken when I take them out."

And this assured reviewer explains the silk-scrunchie phenomenon most succinctly: "The best hair ties money can buy. That's all."

Don't have $40 to drop on hair ties? Fear not! these replacements work just as well at a seriously budget-friendly price.

This satin version has all the hair-protecting qualities of Swift's favorite silk style — at a fraction of the cost. 

$8 at Amazon

Olesilk's versions are made of mulberry silk and come in packs of three in several color combinations — I love this set, which includes a fetching/luxe-looking horseshoe print. 

$16 at Amazon

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