Get the best of both worlds with this Tonkotsu Pudding from Japan

Glow Foods’ Tonkotsu Pudding. (Photo: Glow Foods)

When it comes to tonkotsu, which means pig bone in Japanese, many would associate it with the thick and delicious ramen broth. When it comes to savoury desserts, who could resist the taste of a custard pudding? People who love this salty broth and also have a sweet tooth would find this tonkotsu pudding from Japan a heavenly match!

The pudding by Glow Foods is served frozen like ice cream with a little white chocolate bone on top. Apart from the rich and creamy egg taste, the pudding has the umami of tonkotsu and is a little salty as well. Think of it as a well-balanced taste, like with salted caramel ice cream. As the pudding melts in your mouth, the taste is refreshing. The tonkotsu pudding does not reek of pork smell like some ramen do too.

To enjoy a cuppa delicious tonkotsu pudding, there are three steps. The first is to eat it as it is to appreciate its original flavour. The second is to add a little crushed caramel which gives the pudding a crunchy texture. The last is of course to top it off with some caramel sauce! With just one pudding, there are three levels of deliciousness to it.

Source: Glow Foods

However, the sad news is that you cannot find this at any shop in Japan, except to order it online from Glow Foods. One tonkotsu pudding is priced at 345 yen (about S$4), not inclusive of domestic shipping.

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