Get A Beach-Ready Body

Marie Calica for Yahoo! Southeast Asia
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When you’re catching waves, strolling along the shoreline, or enjoying a sunset cocktail, the last thing you want to worry about is how you look in your bikini. Whether you have a whole month or just a week to prepare, gear yourself up with these tips.

If you have four weeks
to go but have never worked out a day in your life, now’s not the time to embark on anything too drastic. Instead, walking (yes, walking!) can jumpstart your body into getting swimsuit-worthy. Note that you’re not ‘just’ walking (as opposed to running). With the right effort and time spent, you can actually torch a significant amount of calories. “It takes about 10,000 steps (about 60-90 minutes of brisk walking—depending on your speed) to make you burn between 300 to 500 calories,” says Mitch Felipe-Mendoza, MA, PTRP and Lifestyle and Fitness Coach. And because your joints don’t experience as much impact in walking as you would in running, you can walk everyday.

Crash diets and starving are a thing of the past. If you curb unhealthy eating habits now, you make room for a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately a bikini-primed body. The first thing to cut out of your daily diet: junk food—easy-access eats that are high in carbohydrates but low in nutrition. Substitute unhealthy food choices with more nutritious picks: yogurt instead of ice cream, a fruit shake instead of soda, a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a fast-food cheeseburger.

If you have three weeks and already have an active aerobic activity like running, consider adding speed intervals to your workout. Interval training or short bursts of speed peppered in your regular run, experts say, can make you burn more calories, thereby speeding up weight loss. After five minutes of warming up, go at your regular running speed for three or four minutes, then run one or two minutes at a faster pace, followed by three to four minutes back to your regular pace. Continue the cycle until you finish your allotted workout time.

If you have two weeks
and not much motivation, it’s time to call a lifeline. Get your best friend or boyfriend involved in your work out. Whether it’s to have a training buddy for your run/walk, a sparring partner in boxing, or a dance companion in Zumba—it’s good to have someone cheer you on when you need that extra push.

If you have one week or less left and no time to embark on body-improving methods, you still needn’t resort to hiding behind a sarong. Celebrity stylist Alyanna Martinez suggests donning your favorite bikini—the one that makes you feel your sexiest, but topping it with a sheer cover up. “You get the illusion of a sexy bikini, but still hide all your problem areas,” she says.

And when D-day, or in this case B(ikini)-day arrives, don’t throw away all that you’ve worked for. Just because you don’t have access to your regular workout regimen (the track, a 25-meter pool, or your favorite yoga class) doesn’t mean you toss your workout out the door. If you walk/run, scout the neighborhood for a decent route. If you swim, let the sea be your pool. If you practice yoga, take your yoga mat with you and spend a few minutes doing your favorite poses (get more ideas on yoga for the beach here:

When your wonderful weekend by the beach is over you’ll realize that working towards a bikini-ready body has long-term benefits. So keep walking, running, doing yoga, dancing—just keep moving—and before you know it, you’ll reap the benefits of keeping fit for life.