Gerald Anderson's mother: I never liked Bea Alonzo for him!

Heidi Hsia

27 Aug – Gerald Anderson's mother Evangeline Opsima is definitely unhappy with the controversy surrounding her son's breakup with Bea Alonzo, as she recently admitted that she has never liked the actress for her son.

As reported on Rappler, Opsima, known by her nickname Vangey, told ABS-CBN in General Santos City that she felt bad for what happened to her son and stated that Alonzo always has a bad thing to say about Anderson despite the latter treating her respectfully.

"What did Gerald ever do to you?" she asked.

Opsima admitted that she never liked Alonzo for Anderson, but that she accepted the actress for the sake of her son.

She also blasted Alonzo's makeup artist for saying bad things about her son, adding, "I can't keep quiet about the issue, especially since Bea is on television."

As for Julia Barretto, who was dragged into the mess that is Alonzo-Anderson relationship, Opsima said that she would rather not Anderson date the said actress.

"I don't approve because Gerald is much older. It won't last because [she] is in the industry too. Relationships turn into a game," she said.

(Photo Source: ABS CBN News)