Ranking all the Genshin Impact 4-star claymores: Which are the best?

Since the release of Genshin Impact in 2020, we’ve been given tons of weapon options, some of which have become necessary to our teams.

While claymore wielders have the slowest attack animations of all character types, they more than make up for it with their big damage multipliers.

As such, most of the 4-star claymores available in the game tend to increase the damage output of their wielders or ensure they can keep up the offensive by topping up their energy needs.

From gacha, to event-only, to craftable, here’s a comprehensive tier list of all of the 4-star claymores, if they are worth pulling for or crafting, and who they’re best paired with!

For S-tier support weapons, you could even consider levelling multiple copies, just so your different Abyss teams can tap onto their benefits!

Note: All weapon stats listed below are at max ascension, level 90. Information is accurate up to version 2.7


From left to right: Genshin Impact claymores Serpent Spine, Favonius Greatsword, Sacrificial Greatsword, Akuoumaru. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: S-tier claymores Serpent Spine, Favonius Greatsword, Sacrificial Greatsword, Akuoumaru. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Serpent Spine (Battle Pass)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Crit Rate: 27.6%

Unlockable by purchasing the Battle Pass, the Serpent Spine is one of the best claymores you can use. Aside from ascending with Crit Rate, this weapon also lets your character deal more damage the longer they are on the field.

The only downside, besides being hard to refine, is that you can also receive more damage and lose a stack when you are hit.

That said, this can be easily remedied with a shielder in your team, or if you’re just really great at dodging.

Use on: Diluc, Chongyun, Xinyan, Beidou, Arataki Itto, Noelle, Eula, Razor

Favonius Greatsword (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 454

  • Energy Recharge: 61.3%

The Favonius Greatsword is essential when you’re running a team with a claymore wielder that needs that extra dose of Energy Recharge.

Like the rest of the Favonius weapon series, this sword generates elemental particles with every Crit hit, which translates to 6 extra energy for the character at refinement rank 1.

When fully refined, this happens 100% of the time every 12 seconds. Enjoy your Elemental Bursts.

Use on: Diluc, Chongyun, Xinyan, Sayu, Beidou, Noelle

Sacrificial Greatsword (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • Energy Recharge: 30.6%

Just like the Sacrificial Sword, the Sacrificial Greatsword resets the cooldown of your skill when it hits an opponent, making it great for characters who have long skill cooldowns.

The Energy Recharge substat is also an added bonus.

Use on: Noelle, Xinyan, Beidou, Sayu

Akuoumarou (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • ATK%: 41.3%

Part of the Wavebreaker weapon series, the Akuoumarou increases your Elemental Burst damage depending on the combined energy cost of your whole team.

This weapon can be pretty good when you have high burst cost characters in your team. At high refinements, this can even outperform 5-star claymores.

Use on: Diluc, Noelle, Chongyun, Beidou


From left to right: Prototype Archaic, Luxurious Sea-Lord. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Prototype Archaic, Luxurious Sea-Lord. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Prototype Archaic (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • ATK%: 27.6%

The Prototype Archaic is the go-to claymore for early game main damage dealers, since it is craftable and easy to refine.

Its ATK% substat is perfect when you’re in need of more damage, while the passive also helps you deal additional damage every 15 seconds at refinement rank 1.

Use on: Diluc, Razor, Noelle, Eula, Beidou, Chongyun, Xinyan

Luxurious Sea-Lord (Event)

  • Base ATK: 454

  • ATK%: 55.1%

The Luxurious Sea-Lord may be the weirdest weapon in Genshin Impact. But don’t be fooled by this petrified tuna claymore, it can pack a serious fishy punch.

At refinement rank 1, this weapon passively increases your elemental burst damage by 12% while also letting you summon a wave of tuna that deals 100% of your ATK as area-of-effect damage once every 15 seconds.

If you can get the Luxurious Sea-Lord to refinement rank 5 (which you should have, if you were there for its event), then it will increase your burst damage by 24% while the wave of tuna it summons deals 200% of your ATK.

Brings the whole trout slapping of yesteryears to a new level.

Use on: Diluc, Razor, Noelle, Beidou, Chongyun, Xinyan, Eula


From left to right: Snow-Tombed Starsilver, Blackcliff Slasher, Whiteblind, Lithic Blade, Katsuragikiri Nagamasa. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Snow-Tombed Starsilver, Blackcliff Slasher, Whiteblind, Lithic Blade, Katsuragikiri Nagamasa. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Snow-Tombed Starsilver (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • Physical DMG Bonus: 34.5%

You can get the Snow-Tombed Starsilver for free after finding all ancient carvings and unlocking a certain cavern in Dragonspine.

It is the only 4-star claymore to ascend with Physical DMG Bonus, instantly making it the standard pick for your Physical DMG mains.

It’s also craftable and easy to refine, although refinement isn’t necessary as its passive only drops an Everfrost icicle like the Dragonspine Spear.

Use on: Eula, Razor

Blackcliff Slasher (Starglitter Shop)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Crit DMG: 55.1%

The Blackcliff Slasher is a Starglitter Shop weapon that’s part of the Blackcliff weapon series.

And like its other counterparts, it’s also the only 4-star weapon of its type to ascend with Crit DMG, which makes it ideal to get when you’re lacking in that department.

However, the unreliable passive and the fact that you have to spend rare currency to get it is what bumps it down to B-Tier status.

Use on: Beidou, Diluc, Arataki Itto, Eula

Whiteblind (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • DEF%: 51.7%

The Whiteblind is a niche weapon as it ascends with DEF%, which means the only ones who can benefit from it are characters whose damage scales with their DEF.

Nevertheless, the Whiteblind's passive gives these characters a DPS edge, as Normal and Charged Attacks increase both their ATK and DEF.

It’s also a craftable weapon so it’s more accessible and easier to refine.

Use on: Arataki Itto, Noelle, Xinyan

Lithic Blade (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • ATK%: 41.3%

Another niche weapon, the Lithic Blade has the same passive as the Lithic Spear, where your Crit Rate and ATK is increased with every Liyue character in your team.

This means you can only ever enjoy this weapon at its full potential in a full Liyue team.

Use on: Chongyun, Xinyan, Beidou

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Energy Recharge: 45.9%

A craftable claymore from Inazuma, the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa increases your Elemental Skill damage at the cost of your energy, but quickly regenerates said energy over the course of six seconds.

It also ascends with Energy Recharge to alleviate the energy loss from its passive.

Use on: Beidou, Sayu, Chongyun, Diluc


From left to right: Rainslasher, Royal Greatsword. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Rainslasher, Royal Greatsword. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Rainslasher (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Elemental Mastery: 165

The Rainslasher isn’t anything stellar.

It can increase your Elemental Mastery and increase damage to enemies affected by Hydro and Electro, which means Beidou is the only viable claymore wielder for it — and even then it’s still mediocre compared to the other options available to her.

But if you want to utilize Beidou in an Electro-Charged 'taser' team composition, then Rainslasher isn’t a bad choice.

Royal Greatsword (Starglitter Shop)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • ATK%: 27.6%

Much like the other weapons from the Royal series, which can be bought at the Starglitter Shop, the Royal Greatsword's passive increases your Crit Rate in increments when dealing damage to opponents.

It’s okay to have in the early game but quickly becomes less than stellar in the late game.

Use on: Diluc, Eula, Razor, Beidou


The Bell where it belongs. (Photo: HoYoverse)
The Bell where it belongs. (Photo: HoYoverse)

The Bell (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • HP%: 41.3%

The Bell is so bad. I’d give it a zero, but I can’t, so I’ll give it the only F rating of this series so far.

Not only is the substat useless as there are currently no claymore characters who scale off of HP, the shielding passive is also so unreliable and unnecessary.

You’re better off feeding this claymore to another weapon that can perform far better than it ever can.

Look out for our 4-star weapon rankings for the other weapon types in Genshin Impact soon!

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