Ranking all the Genshin Impact 4-star catalysts: Which are the best?

Since the release of Genshin Impact in 2020, we’ve been given tons of weapon options, some of which have become necessary to our teams.

Catalyst wielders are strongly attuned to the game's elements, being able to deal Elemental damage with just their auto-attacks.

As such, catalyst wielders are valued in elemental reaction-based team compositions as either the support or even the DPS.

Catalysts further enhance their wielders' mastery over the elements, either by increasing elemental damage or providing much-needed energy.

From gacha, to event-only, to craftable, here’s a comprehensive tier list of all of the 4-star catalysts, if they are worth pulling for or crafting, and who they’re best paired with!

For S-tier support weapons, you could even consider levelling multiple copies, just so your different Abyss teams can tap onto their benefits!

Note: All weapon stats listed below are at max ascension, level 90. Information is accurate up to version 2.7


From left to right: The Widsith, Favonius Codex, Sacrificial Fragments, Solar Pearl. (Photo: HoYoverse)
From left to right: The Widsith, Favonius Codex, Sacrificial Fragments, Solar Pearl. (Photo: HoYoverse)

The Widsith (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Crit DMG: 55.1%

There is no contention, the Widsith is the best 4-star DPS catalyst, even outperforming some of its 5-star counterparts at high refinements.

Thanks to its passive, the Widsith increases your character's damage output by buffing either your attack, Elemental damage, or Elemental Mastery.

If that wasn't enough, this weapon also ascends with some juicy Crit DMG. If you find it difficult to even out your Crit ratios and want to give your DPS an edge, then The Widsith is the way to go.

Use on: Ningguang, Yanfei, Klee, Yae Miko, Mona, Lisa

Favonius Codex (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Energy Recharge: 45.9%

Struggling with energy in your team? The Favonius Codex, like the rest of the Favonius weapons, gives an easy solution. This weapon's Energy Recharge substat and particle generation passive are something you don’t want to gloss over.

Slap it onto your support and your bursts will be ready even before their cooldowns end.

Getting this weapon to high refinements is also encouraged to get that 100% particle regeneration chance every time you crit.

Use on: Sucrose, Barbara, Mona, Lisa

Sacrificial Fragments (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 454

  • Elemental Mastery: 221

Although ascending with Elemental Mastery, don’t turn a blind eye on the Sacrificial Fragments.

With its passive resetting the cooldown of your skills, this weapon is ideal for supports who have long cooldowns. This is also another weapon that is well worth getting high refinement ranks on.

Use on: Sucrose, Barbara, Kokomi, Lisa, Klee

Solar Pearl (Battle Pass)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Crit Rate: 27.6%

The Solar Pearl is one of the paid Battle Pass weapons, ranking among the best weapons you can get there alongside the Serpent Spine claymore.

The Solar Pearl ascends with Crit Rate, but what also makes this weapon shine is its stellar passive.

When wielding this weapon, Normal Attacks increase Elemental Skill and Burst damage while using your Skill and Burst will increase your Normal Attack damage.

Although it will take a while to get this weapon to refinement rank 5, it is well worth the investment due to the damage buffs it gives across the board.

Use on: Klee, Ningguang, Mona, Yae Miko


From left to right: Dodoco Tales, Hakushin Ring, Mappa Mare, Prototype Amber. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Dodoco Tales, Hakushin Ring, Mappa Mare, Prototype Amber. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Dodoco Tales (Event)

  • Base ATK: 454

  • ATK%: 55.1%

An event only weapon, the Dodoco Tales is a treasure that new players are missing out on. This catalyst is perfect for DPS characters that deal devastating Normal and Charged Attack damage, although it is a bit hard to use as it ascends with ATK% instead of the coveted Crit DMG or Crit Rate.

Either way, if you have already have an ideal Crit Ratio for your DPS and have this weapon, it's well worth trying out!

Use on: Yanfei, Ningguang, Klee

Hakushin Ring (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • Energy Recharge: 30.6%

While the Hakushin Ring is a niche weapon that focuses on Electro reactions, don’t be deterred as it’s actually a hidden gem.

This weapon's passive will increase the Elemental DMG of party members that were involved in an Electro elemental reaction.

The Elemental DMG buff applies to both Electro characters and characters from other elements involved in the reaction.

While this buff is ideal for Electro-Charged compositions, Swirling Electro with an Anemo character also applies the buff.

Use on: Sucrose, Kokomi, Mona, Yae Miko

Mappa Mare (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • Elemental Mastery: 110

Another support-focused catalyst that can be crafted, the Mappa Mare ascends with Elemental Mastery and grants an Elemental DMG bonus for its wielder upon triggering an elemental reaction.

The buff can stack twice, buffing Elemental DMG by up to 32% at max refinement rank. The Mappa Mare is perfect for DPS characters that rely on elemental reactions.

Use on: Sucrose, Mona, Lisa, Yae Miko

Prototype Amber (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • HP%: 41.3%

The Prototype Amber may seem kind of meh at first, but it’s actually great once you realise its full potential. Slapping this onto a support that scales off HP can help you get to that coveted 40,000 HP mark.

It also helps you rectify your energy needs, as using your Elemental Burst regenerates your energy while healing the rest of the party.

If you're going all-in on damage for your composition and don't have space for a dedicated healer, then giving the Prototype Amber to your catalyst support will help keep your party alive.

Use on: Kokomi, Barbara, Yanfei (Tankfei)


From left to right: Oathsworn Eye, Blackcliff Agate, Royal Grimoire. (Photo: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Oathsworn Eye, Blackcliff Agate, Royal Grimoire. (Photo: HoYoverse)

Oathsworn Eye (Event)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • ATK%: 27.6%

Oathsworn Eye is an event-only weapon that ascends with ATK% and increases your Energy Recharge with every use of your elemental skill.

It’s not a bad weapon, but pit against other catalysts with an Energy Recharge passive, it isn’t really up to par.

Another thing this weapon has going against it is that it's mechanically designed for Yae Miko, but its appearance will make you think it's meant for Kokomi.

Use on: Kokomi, Mona, Yae Miko

Blackcliff Agate (Starglitter Shop)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Crit DMG: 55.1%

Like the other Blackcliff weapons in the series available in the Starglitter Shop, the Blackcliff Agate is one of only two 4-star catalysts that ascend with Crit DMG — which we’ve established is what it’s really only good for.

Its passive increases your attack after defeating an opponent, which can be okay in the early game or against mobs of weak enemies but falls flat in the late game.

It's pretty much worthless against single bosses too.

Use on: Klee, Ningguang, Yanfei, Yae Miko

Royal Grimoire (Starglitter Shop)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • ATK%: 27.6%

Another Starglitter Shop weapon, the Royal Grimoire, like the other weapons in the Royal series, ascends with ATK% and increases your Crit Rate in increments.

It’s okay, but really ends up as just that — just okay to use but not really recommended in the long run.

You’re better off spending your precious Starglitter on something else.

Use on: Klee, Ningguang, Yanfei


From left to right: Wine and Song, Frostbearer, Eye of Perception. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Wine and Song, Frostbearer, Eye of Perception. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Wine and Song (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • Energy Recharge: 30.6%

Although Wine and Song has an Energy Recharge substat, its passive increases your damage if you spend stamina to sprint — a waste of precious stamina which is better spent on charged attacks.

Aside from that meh passive, the weapon's substat also falls flat, as it only gives you a meagre 30.6% Energy Recharge at level 90.

That pales in comparison to the Favonius Codex’s 45.9% Energy Recharge at the same level.

Use on: Klee, Mona, Lisa, Ningguang, Yanfei

Frostbearer (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • ATK%: 41.3%

Although a craftable weapon, I’d personally recommend steering clear away from the Frostbearer.

Its passive, much like the Dragonspine Spear, only ever drops an Everfrost icicle that deals meh damage. There are better ATK% substat catalysts out there that you can use.

Use on: Klee, Mona, Yanfei, Ningguang

Eye of Perception (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 454

  • ATK%: 55.1%

The Eye of Perception’s passive is similar to the Frostbearer's, where the Everfrost icicle is replaced by a bolt of perception that deals damage and that bounces to nearby enemies.

The only difference is that this one is only available through Gacha.

Again, it’s not as useful as the other catalysts in the list, so getting this in a 10-pull can be a pain. You’re better off using this as level-up material for other, better weapons.

Use on: Klee, Sucrose, Ningguang, Mona, Lisa

Look out for our 4-star weapon rankings for the other weapon types in Genshin Impact soon!

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