Genius Baby: These 11 Signs Prove That Your Child Has Exceptionally High IQ

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We all think our babies are special and indeed they are in every way. But what if your baby indeed had something extra going for him? You may have seen sparks of your child’s intelligence. She started speaking earlier than her peers or is already good at identifying shapes at just 18 months.

But is there a sure sign to tell you that your baby is genius? Well, what if we told you that there was!

A common misconception is that until they start school, you cannot know if your child is actually gifted or not. But that’s not true. In fact, parents can watch out for several traits that point towards a gifted child. Here are 11 signs of a genius baby that mums and dads must watch out for.

11 Signs Of A Genius Baby

1) Extra alert

signs of a genius baby
signs of a genius baby

If you find your baby to have a curious mind, maybe he or she will grow up to be a genius. Image courtesy: Pixabay

One of the earliest signs of a genius baby is having a high level of alertness. If your baby falls in this category, they will be aware of their environment. Your little ones will be quick to recognise and bond with their family members. In fact, according to science, babies who are alert may also end up having a higher IQ.

Here’s how you can identify if your child has a sign of heightened perception:

  • Your child will make eye contact with you very early on, perhaps even at six months.

  • If you are lucky, you will also get rewarded with a smile.

  • They may be sensitive to changes in their immediate environment. Or when you are emotional, they may understand and try to console you.

When your newborn comes into this world, they don’t know much about your physical appearance. It takes some time for your child to get to recognise faces. But, if your child is able to recognise the faces of the close family members from as early as three months, it is a sign of heightened intelligence.

2) Highly curious

You have an intelligent child if you find them to be highly curious. Your little one may be focussing on the smallest details, for instance, even a new curtain in the room. If they are observant about everything and anything around them, it can indicate that they have a high IQ. Let them explore and help them stimulate their high IQ mind.

3) Reaches milestones earlier

Is your baby reaching his or her milestones ahead of time? If the answer is yes, then it can be a sign that you have an intelligent baby at home.

Remember, the usual milestones are- at 4 months a baby typically can hold his/her head steady without support. At six months he/she begins to sit with a little help. At 12 months, he/she gets into the sitting position without help. If you find your little one to be progressing ahead of the milestone chart, your little one may grow up to be a genius!

4) Ask hypothetical questions

Does your baby like to think about situations in an abstract manner? Do they ask lots of hypothetical questions? What if? Who did it? Then instead of brushing their queries under the carpet, try to answer them as practically as you can. This will satiate their hunger for more knowledge and stimulate their brain power.

5) Tall babies

According to studies, tall children grow up to be smarter and have higher IQs. In fact, researchers at the University of Bristol have proved that there is a link between a child’s IQ and the level of growth hormone circulating in their blood. There are some other studies, that highlight that taller children are better performers when it comes to cognitive tests.

6) High birth weight

signs of a genius baby
signs of a genius baby

Image courtesy: iStock

High birth weight has a co-relation with your child’s IQ. The bigger the baby at birth, the more nutrients they received in the womb. In fact, longer body length, higher birth weight, or larger head circumferences within the normal birth size range are associated with higher IQ scores in Asian children.

7) Prefers solitude

Children are sociable little humans. But, if your child enjoys solitude, maybe it is a sign of his or her high IQ. You may find them happily playing on their own or preferring the company of older kids.

If this is the case, don’t push them into company they don’t prefer. But at the same time, you will also have to encourage them to play with their own friends. So that their social skill development is not neglected.

8) Extremely focussed

signs of a genius baby
signs of a genius baby

If you find your child extremely focused on his or her surroundings, then try to sharpen this skill. Here’s how you can do. Image courtesy: Pixabay

are known to have a very limited attention span. One of the signs of a genius baby is one who is able to focus from as early as five months. The more focussed a newborn, the higher their IQ. Some of the signs which may help you identify if your baby is focused include the following:

  • They have the ability to make eye contact

  • They focus intently on a pet, older sibling or even you.

9) Problem solver

Your baby has a higher IQ if you find them not giving up easily. They will find newer ways of solving a problem. For instance, place the packet of candies out of their reach. Next, see how those little brains work to get them. They might pull a chair or even a stool to solve this problem. Basically, they will figure out a way on their own.

10) Vivid imagination

You may be able to identify this trait in your toddler. Does your child have an aptitude for telling stories or creating imaginary situations? If the answers are yes, maybe your child will grow up to be a genius!

You might have to reign in the baby’s fertile or over-fertile imagination at times. But be sure to never curb it. As parents, you need to give them the wings to fly high.

11) Sensitive to certain smell and taste

If your child is sensitive to certain smell and taste, he may have a high intelligence quotient. There is a correlation between being sensitive to certain smells and tastes and having a higher IQ. If your little one seems to have adverse or adventurous tastes, that can indicate higher than average intelligence.

If certain smells turn them away from some foods, that can also be indicative of a smart child. Maybe it is time for you to pay attention to their food habits!

Remember, these points are not set in stone, but they can help you identify the right sign in your baby, and nudge them to greatness. All you need is to find the right stimulus and tools to help them to sharpen their intelligence.


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