Gender Reveals, promposals and other new life events you now need to celebrate

Photo: (fotostorm/Getty Images)

Written by Niki Bruce

Gone are the days of private celebrations for a birthday or wedding anniversary, now you have the chance to throw a public bash for your divorce, the revealing of your baby’s sex, a proposal… Just about everything really.

Life events have now become something that apparently need to be shared with the whole world, not just your friends and family.

You can announce the surprise reveal of your baby’s sex via fireworks and balloons – although do be careful not to start a US$8.2 million fire – or invite someone to the prom via America’s Got Talent; private events are now public entertainment.


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Is it all due to FOMO – the fear of missing out? Or are there other reasons apart from social media that mean people want to create public events to celebrate their life goals?

Since more and more people are now moving away from home, or working longer and longer hours, trying to create a ‘special occasion’ to reach out to friends and family could definitely be one reason for all the new ‘celebrations’.

The relative ease with which you can organise a major event now via online and social media apps has also added to the increase in special event celebrations.

Some of The Top Event and Party Organisers in Singapore

(Photo: aBite)

In Singapore you can work with aBite, Jamie Chua’s favourite event planner; or choose The Wedding Entourage, which despite the name was behind the insane 99-day celebration for socialite Kim Lim’s son.

Dreams & Doodle can create the perfect rainbow-themed event or any other Millennial must-have decor concept for anything from a wedding proposal to a job-promotion announcement (yep, they’re having events too).

If you’re looking for something to do with kids, try Party Mojo, which are particularly known for their Gender Reveal party ideas; or Stitch X Marker, which organised XiaXue’s son’s massive third birthday party, and also does cool superhero themes.

Whatever the type of event you are wanting to celebrate, there’s an organiser to suit.

If you are still looking for some inspiration on what to celebrate and how, here are some of the more OTT celebrations of life events that have already happened … What’s next for 2019?

Some of the Best – and worst – gender reveals

The funniest part of these videos is the reaction of the siblings! And they’re not afraid to show how they really feel.

Some of The Coolest Prom-posals… The guy on America’s Got Talent

Someone who’s making sure you don’t miss it…

A musical-worthy dance routine, with umbrellas…

Some of The Best Surprise Wedding Proposals

And … Some of The Worst Wedding Proposals

Once you get to the wedding, there’s now a major new event, the Groom’s Dance…
… It helps if you are a ballerina, marrying another ballet dancer.

And just to show you how far these crazy new celebrations have gone… here’s an actual singing dancing divorce proposal (or is it?) …