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Gen Z TikTok is losing it over these 1960s high school photos: ‘I was born in the wrong era’

Modern high schoolers are yearning for the past, thanks to a viral TikTok revealing what life looked like for teens in 1969.

Uploaded by the TikTok account @historyvintage, the video quickly garnered over 8.9 million views, 1.3 million likes and 12,000 comments.

Now, much like the 1970s maternity ward instructions for new moms that shocked Reddit users, this blast from the past is going viral — and bringing to light just how much times have changed.

While some might recognize the photos in the now-viral video — taken for LIFE magazine by photographer Arthur Schatz — for many Gen Z TikTokers, the groovy photos are a never-before-seen look into the past (albeit, a very curated editorial look into the past).

Long before the internet, smartphones, streaming platforms or social media, life for teens looked very different — and for modern kids, that life seems very alluring.

“They all look so happy and healthy,” TikTok user @suff.sup420 wrote.

“I wish I knew what life was like before technology sometimes,” commented @ohkayy37.

“When life felt real…a generation i never experienced,” wrote @ratchetmonkey.

“I was born in the wrong era,” commented @julianna.pressley.

“pov: we live in a perfect world where everyone dresses like this again,” added @gor3com.

“should’ve been me,” wrote @loganivy2021.

But it’s not just the 1960s that today’s young people seem to be longing for. High school fashion icons @bearsgotstyle gained over 2.6 million views when they captured looks from the past six decades in honor of their school’s “Decades Week.”

Starting in the 1960s and ending in the early aughts, the two traveled through time with the help of popular looks and songs from each decade.

“why was the 80s so comforting,” mused @cher.whoreowitz.

“I wish i was the age i am right now in the 80’s 😭,” commented @aqueennaturally_.

“id kill to be a teen in the 90s,” wrote @bellicostica.

“I was born too late,” commented @payday1995.

While the internet might not have the analog charm of the past, it does enable those yearning for the past to step through the looking glass into bygone days, all with the swipe of a thumb.

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