Gen Z Has Officially Canceled Ankle Socks: "They're For Old People"

Gen Z is at it again.

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First, they came for skinny jeans.

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Then they came for side parts.

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Now it's about socks.

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A TikTok that says you can tell someone from Gen Z apart from a millennial based on the socks they are wearing at the gym is going viral.

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Gen Z wears crew socks, and millennials/everyone else wears ankle socks.

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Yes, they're coming for ankle socks!

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People on TikTok are asking "Am I uncool?" for their choice in  socks.


Like, this person bregrudingly retired their ankle socks.


Other people disagree with the ankle sock hate.

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"Gen Z will never scare me out of wearing a side part or ankle socks!" this millennial screamed.

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Not all millennials are doom and gloom about this new sock development.

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"I think one thing I am willing to take from Gen Z is to ditch ankle socks and wear crew socks instead," one person said.

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Another person said they always thought ankle socks were ugly: "I always had trouble getting them to stay on my feet."

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In all seriousness, next time you're at the gym, you'll notice that basically, only people over 30 wear ankle socks.

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As this person said, they're a millennial giveaway.

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Bye <3

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