Gemma Chan felt like Cinderella in elegant Crazy Rich Asians outfits

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan had a Cinderella moment each time she donned her wardrobe for Crazy Rich Asians.

The British actress portrayed Astrid Leong-Teo in Jon M. Chu's hit 2018 romantic comedy, with the kind-hearted character sporting many impressive designer outfits, including a beautiful rose-pink dress with cowl neck from Dior.

But while Gemma had a ball dressing up to play one of Singapore's most fashionable faces, in a chat with The Allure Podcast, she explained that she didn't get to keep any of the outfits.

"Astrid, she's kind of meant to be the equivalent of Singapore. So, you know, I tried to channel that kinda old school...glamour, kind of an Audrey Hepburn-ish, Grace Kelly, that kind of vibe," she explained, adding that she wished she had such a stunning collection of garments.

"It was like being Cinderella. I had to give everything straight back. But, you know, I felt so lucky to even be wearing some of those outfits."

Costume designer Mary E. Vogt was tasked with putting the outfits together for the entire Crazy Rich Asians cast, including Henry Golding and Constance Wu.

But as Gemma noted, it wasn't just the costumes that allowed her to tap into the elegant vibe required of her for the role, but the hairstyle too.

"Well, in terms of my work, in terms of my acting, it's an intrinsic part of getting into character," the 37-year-old added. "And whether it's just a particular thing, a particular way your hair is styled, having my hair up when I was playing Astrid, that kind of thing immediately changes your posture and the feeling of having your neck exposed... And, yeah, it's a big part for me of getting into character."

Two sequels to Crazy Rich Asians are currently in the works.

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