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Monday 27, January

Your career vision is off the charts today, Gemini. You truly do have a dream and you're ready to make it into a reality. Today is better used for the envisioning process and not for the fine print. You're not really focused, but you are truly inspired.

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Sunday 26, January

With fierce Mars and beautiful Venus building to a square later tonight, you might find yourself obsessing about romance and sex today. With the Red Planet in your house of partnership, you're not looking for the usual thing, either - banish the boring and indulge your curiosities, Gemini.

Saturday 25, January

The New Moon in Aquarius hit late last night but the energy continues to linger into your Saturday. This feels like a breath of fresh air for your mind, Gemini, and could make you long for the kinds of deep, intellectually-stimulating conversations that you can only have with certain very smart friends.

Friday 24, January

The New Moon in Aquarius is pretty incredible news for you, Gemini. Not only is this your sister air sign, but this lunation lights up your house of travel and wisdom. Set intentions to expand your mind and get lots of stamps on your passport. You're about to explore the world in ways you've never dared to.

Thursday 23, January

Uranus and the Sun are squaring off today and the energy could be quite jarring, especially because there's a New Moon on tap for tomorrow. If you feel anxious or shaky, it's completely normal. Practice deep breathing, yoga, meditation, or any other activity that makes you feel safe in your own body again.

Wednesday 22, January

As the Moon moves into Capricorn before Friday's New Moon event, it's time to focus on your most intimate relationships, Gemini. Sex and transformation are on your mind for the next few days. If you've felt challenged by your own powerful emotions, this can help you heal.

Tuesday 21, January

The Moon left your opposite stars early this morning, taking the onus off of you to carry the day in your relationships. With that pressure lifted, you're ready for more creative endeavors during the next few days. But the Moon doesn't move into the next sign until late tonight, so there's no rush.

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