GEM Tang learns more about fashion

13 Sep - She used to be criticised for her choice in clothing, but now GEM Tang is one of the most stylish performers in Hong Kong.

As reported on Tencent, the singer, who appeared at IZZUE's Autumn/Winter fashion show held in Wan Chai recently, shared that she has been learning a lot about fashion and has more understanding about what looks good on her and what's not.

"I've begun to understand that what I like doesn't always suit me. For example, I like wearing tight skirts, but because of the shape of my stomach, it doesn't look good on me," she said.

Although she has learned to accept what she can and cannot wear, GEM said that there are still items of clothing that she insists on wearing, no matter how it looks on her, and that includes leather pants.

"I recently discovered a new sporty leather pants. I prefer a more casual and street in my style," she said.

The singer stressed that while all girls want to look beautiful, she will not let criticism determine what she should wear.

"Life is not about what you wear. I don't care about other people's perception. The most important thing is to have self-confidence," she said.

(Photo Source: GEM Tang Instagram)