GEM Tang declines to respond to Hummingbird Music's claims

12 Mar – GEM Tang has nothing to comment when it comes to Hummingbird Music's recent response to her decision to leave, saying that she will let her lawyer handle everything.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was approached by the media as she was leaving her apartment to go to Macau for her concert, stated that she doesn't know what to say or if she should talk about it.

"I only hope that this matter will not evolve into a war of words. The right one will prevail," she said.

She also declined to elaborate more about her previous statement, saying that she has handed everything to her legal representative.

As to allegations made by Hummingbird that she made unreasonable demands in their contract negotiations, GEM only shook her head.

When mentioned that the company also denied any wrongdoing, the singer said, "It won't do anybody any good to drag this issue. Just like what I wrote before. If the matter really has to go to court, I will face it bravely."

(Photo Source: GEM Tang Instagram)